Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Apple #25: Request Lines Are Now Closed


Sorry, folks, but the time for submitting requests has expired. I'll take requests again at some point in the future, never fear, so stay tuned. And I also have some requests to fill yet, so keep an eye out for your topic to appear in the subject line.

Thanks to everybody who submitted suggestions. You've helped expand this thing beyond the confines of my own head.

Finally, I'm going to re-set this so that registration is once again required if you'd like to leave a comment. It's always nice to see input from people because it tells me that somebody is actually reading this.

Thanks again to everybody who's participated.

--the apple lady


  1. Dear Apple Lady:



    Valaida Snow.

  2. Hey, Apple Lady, I heard you had a blog, and it looks like I heard right. It's very cool. The color makes the blog green apple flavored. I don't have any request--just wanted to say hi. Scratch that--my request is Benny Hill. Talk to you soon.

    Jim F.

  3. It's obvious what we need to learn about isn't it?

    Gumby, please, of Gumby & Pokey fame.


  4. Hmmm... How's about a random letter of the alphabet? Say, P, or something?

    Or a rock band. Maybe The Replacements?

  5. Idaho, si tu plait.



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