Thursday, July 14, 2005

Apple #90: Tell Me Your Top Ten


In preparation for apple #100, I would like to ask you, the audience, for your input. I plan to make apple #100 a list of the top ten favorite apples. I have some of my own ideas about which apples have been the most entertaining and most interesting, but I'd like to hear more from my readers.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to search the entirety of the blog by keyword or anything like that. The best way to look through previous entries is to click on the month links under "The Cellar" on the right frame and page through.

To get you started, here are three entries that people so far have seemed to like quite a bit: Apple #36: David Lee Roth, Apple #30: The Replacements, and Apple #6: Eyeballs. These are only the early leaders -- you can tell me heck, yeah to these and add others to the list, or tell me no, no, I'm overlooking others just as good, or better.

Once you've got your favorites in mind, please click on the comments link at the bottom of this entry, and list for me which are your favorite. You can go all-out if you like, and provide me with a complete list of ten, with reasons why you've chosen each one. Or you can go minimalist, and list maybe four or five of your favorites. Or you can go somewhere in between.

As a reminder, comments are open to all viewers. It's not necessary to have a blog of your own or to register to post a comment.

Thanks in advance!


  1. *pastrami, pastrami, pastrami - it's just a word that I dig.
    *the whole bit on the tongue
    ick...not in my mouth
    - it creaped me out & yet I liked it
    *martinis - cause I may have had my very first one with the apple lady
    *the alphabet - some 4th graders I know, got a kick out of the idea of a 12 letter alphabet & attempted to design their own, some of them checked out the Hawaiian version via:

  2. Oh wow. There are many, many good choices, and I fear I've left some killer entries off my list(I'm leaving off the trio that you posted), but, here goes:

    #3 Ping Pong
    #4 Brett Farve
    #14 Wind Chill
    #43 Robins
    #49 Hair, Cinderblocks, and Hot Fudge (three things that were always meant to be together)
    #56 The Alphabet Song
    #64 Garbanzo Beans (b/c of the recipe)
    #66 Coral Reefs
    #70 Gumby
    #77 Mallard Ducks

    My supplimental: #84 Charlie's Angels

    Good work Apple Lady! Mad props to you, 'cause you can't take those away.

  3. Apple lady, you are so a-peeling to me. I chose seven, because that's my lucky number.

    #1 Eyeballs
    #2 Covered Bridges
    #3 Penguins
    #4 The Tongue
    #5 Swiss Cheese
    #6 Orangutans
    #7 Birthdays

    You do a fabulous job, Apple lady. Truly one of my favorite Favorites.

  4. Um... I'd like to ammend my previous top ten and add in LLAMAS!!!!

  5. A late entry has just been e-mailed to me by a faithful reader. Here are his ten choices:

    I've procrastinated, and it looks like my time has run out. Here we go (in no particular order):

    1) Sneezing (#88)

    2) Mattresses (#20)

    3) Diamond Dave (#36)

    4) Soap Operas (#54)

    5) Giant Squid (#52)

    6) PBJ (#75)

    7) Sneezing (#88)

    8) Stevie Wonder (#8)

    9) Sleep (#86)

    10) Brownies (#71)

    One hundred she's a-coming! Way to blog, Apple Lady!

    Thanks, faithful reader!


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