Saturday, August 13, 2005

Apple #98: Goose Fact


Just one tidbit for today. I heard this on the radio, on NPR, and I found this fact so astonishing, I had to share it.

A man who specializes in testing bacteria in urban rivers was being interviewed. Actually, his specialty is determining the source of various kinds of bacteria, meaning that, essentially, he tests fecal matter. That's right, he was talking about fecal matter on the radio. And I'm talking about it on this blog.

So here's the fact: he said that an adult goose (I'm assuming he meant a Canada goose) produces in 24 hours the same amount of fecal matter as an adult human.

Quite productive, isn't it?

Photo from the Department of Biology at Clermont College, U of Cincinnati

P.S. Only one more entry to post your favorite apples.

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