Friday, September 15, 2006

Apple #195: Your Top FIVE, Please

Yes, it's that time again. The Daily Apple is approaching another centenary mark. That is, we're closing in on Apple #200. When we approached Apple #100 over a year ago, I asked you all, Daily Apple readers faithful and fickle alike, to tell me which ten of the existing Apples were your favorites. I pooled the data and came up with an overall Top Ten Favorites. This time, I'm asking for essentially the same thing.

Except this time, I'm making it harder. You have to choose only five.

They can be any five from the entire history of the Daily Apple. That is, you need not limit your choices to Apples 101 through 200. Please select from all the available Apples.

If you want to refresh your memory a bit, scan the Subject Index, a link to which is also always available in the right-hand frame. Peruse away.

Once you've made your selections, click on the Comments link at the bottom of this entry and list your favorites. If you want to share the reasons behind your choices, please do.

Many thanks, readers!


  1. count of monte cristo (with sandwich)
    cordouroy (sp?)
    1904? olympic marathon
    james earl jones


  2. In no particular order;

    Second Cousins and More
    Cat Purring
    Dry Air in Winter

    and I've got to give some bias to; Inventor of the Urinal Cake

  3. For the record, I tried to base my decision on, which ones did I actively tell people about my new found facts. I think those 5 would be it.

  4. Fork Stealer9/27/2006 2:02 AM

    Amazing Alternatives
    Goose Fact
    Synchronized Menstruation
    Pastrami (mostly for the unusual link to the Reuben Porn)
    Jumping into the Chicago River I & II

  5. Hey, Fork Stealer, long time no... e-mail?
    Thanks for your five.
    I have no idea what you mean by "reuben porn," by the way.
    Do you mean the page full of sandwich pictures?
    And how is that unusual, or lascivious?

  6. Rockford Files (#187)
    Ümläüt (#145)
    Bob Barker (#130)
    Boston Molasses Flood (#118)

    and, this one I'm counting as one:
    Jumping into the Chicago River I & II (#113/#114)

  7. my top five

    kudzu, brings back memories of wade's wedding trip

    mr. t, who wouldn't read this

    the replacements, minnesota drunk rockers, hits close to the heart

    the inventor of the urinal cake, only on the daily apple, folks!

    psychic friends network, cause the lady from dynasty visited me in a dream last night and told me to post this. she is currently living her fifth life as a llama salesman in outer mongolia

  8. urinal cake


    synchronized menstruation

    Lake Michigan (where the fish seem to pee a lot)

    Dewey Decimal System

  9. Dear Apple Lady,

    My favorites are:

    Dewey Decimal System
    Grommets & Myrrh
    Syd Barrett II

    - Jarred ;)

  10. I guess I better post my vote, too.

    Eero Saarinen, because I learned so much about a totally new subject, and he made really cool stuff.

    Great Danes, because I think it's funny that these enormous dogs need their food bowls put up high or else they get belchy.

    Lasagna, because it's lasagna, and because it's also about tomatoes and forks and manners and China and raisins.

    Charlie's Angels, because it's maybe my all-time favorite TV show, and the entry has lots of pictures.

    Llamas Visited, because visiting them is how I learned that llamas can stomp a coyote to death, and I heard them humming.

  11. This, sent to me by e-mail, is another vote from a loyal reader who is currently studying to be a librarian:

    Dewey- For all of the obvious reasons.

    Brain Freeze- It reminded me of my Slurpee drinking days and I never thought to look into after all these years.

    Invention of the Urinal Cake- When I was a kid, our grocery store had a floor display of brightly packaged urinal cakes. I always thought they were candy because they came in bright red, blue, purple and orange plastic. They looked like popular candy flavors and I would ask my Mom if I could get one and she always said no. It took me a while to understand what they were and this entry brought that embarassing memory back to life.

    Emma Goldman- I had never heard of her, but I am insanely impressed by her conviction. I wish I had heard about her sooner.

    Pudding- I really love rice pudding, but I can not stand most other varieties. People rarely make good homemade pudding. I was especially offended by the meat pudding, which I will discuss with my British friend from school.

    There you go, my top five.

  12. #1 Llamas (duh.)

    #2 Dachshunds (the most delightfully ridiculous animal on the planet)

    #3 David Lee Roth (do I really need to explain why?)

    #4 The Whole Shebang (which is one of my favorite phrases EVER!)

    #5 Axolotls (because they disturb me and, well, I guess I like that feeling sometimes) :D


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