Monday, September 15, 2008

Weather delay

Ripple effects from Hurricane Ike have shut off the power in my house several times today (Sunday, that is). So, no Daily Apple today, unfortunately. But I'll have one up for you tomorrow.

Speaking of Ike, does anybody remember Ike Godsey from The Walton's? Maybe this hurricane is Ike Godsey, and he finally ran out of patience with Cora.


  1. I remember Ike Godsey, but do you remember that before Jack Tripper moved in with Crissy and Janet and started playing fey for Mr. Roper that he was a Depression Era pastor up thar on Walton's Mountain?

  2. Milo, holy crap, I was just thinking about you LAST NIGHT and wondering how I could maybe find you online!

    And yes, now that you mention it, I do remember Jack Tripper / Can't Remember His Real Name Now on The Walton's. But he wasn't a regular, and that was later in the show, and I think by that time they were into World War II. He had a problem with fidelity, I think?

    I'm going to contact you off this thing and get all the Milo News -- plus movie reviews, of course. Holy crap, Milo T. Fish.

  3. Is Ike the guy who ran the store? If so, my parents met him. They went to visit the place in Virginia where the show was based (I don't know if it was filmed there too). There was some sort of museum/gift shop and Ike worked there as a tourist attraction. That's my Ike story. If Ike isn't the guy who ran the store, never mind.

  4. Yup, that's him.

    Yet another reason for Ike to go hurricane: he wound up working in a museum gift shop.

  5. I just saw the episode today where Ike has a heart attack. Cora wants to move to a cottage on the beach so he can rest, but Ike wouldn't have any of that. He refused to leave Walton's Mountain!!

  6. Nobody who's worth their salt leaves Walton's Mountain! Except John Boy, of course.


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