Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Apple #355: No More FishFish

FishFish is dead. Long live FishFish.

FishFish, though colored similarly to this betta, hasn't looked like this in a long time.
(Photo from the Virginia Tech Union)

When I got home from work today, I went to feed my betta fish, but then I discovered he was lying on his side at the bottom of the bowl. Never a good sign.

He's been sick for a long time. Back before I'd even had him for a year, he got Pop Eye and Fin Rot. Though I tried several different types of antibiotics on a number of occasions, I was never able to get rid of either illness. So both diseases have been progressing (his fins getting smaller and his eyes getting more bulgy) ever since.

Gradually, he made fewer and fewer bubbles. Then when it got cold this winter, I kept the room temperature a little lower than I did in the summer time. FishFish, being tropical and loving hot, humid weather, was not enthused. In fact, he's been very sluggish ever since it got cold. Sometimes I had to shake his bowl to rouse him and get him to eat.

Then, the day before yesterday when I fed him, even though he was alert in there, he had no interest in his food or me. Usually, he tried to attack me whenever I came near his bowl. I always appreciated his vigor and willingness to go after me. I believe that if there had been no bowl between us, I probably would have sustained definite though tiny injuries, inflicted by my intrepid FishFish. And I would have been so proud of him.

But there just wasn't any fight left in him. Yesterday when I went to feed him, the food from the day before was still floating at the top. When FishFish doesn't even try to eat his food -- especially the bloodworms, which he loved to sneak up on and chomp from below -- let alone attack it, that is not good. So I wasn't too surprised today when he was lying at the bottom of his bowl. No more FishFish.

I got him on March 22, 2006. Almost three years ago. According to what I've read on the subject, that's a pretty long life for a betta fish. He survived traveling with me; he survived staying at home and toughing it out while I traveled without him. He courageously survived an inadvertent attempt on his life when he was nearly boiled to death. I enjoyed him living with me. I hope that, in spite of my owner-operator errors, he enjoyed living with me too.

I gave him a decent send-off, said good-bye and thank you for living with me. No fanfare. No bunting. That's the way FishFish would have wanted it.

AJ's betta fish, George Michael, who apparently looked like the fish pictured here, recently met with a similar fate.
(Photo from Wikipedia and sourced from AJ's blog, Sorry I Can't Hear You I Was Humming)

Good-bye, FishFish. Thanks for all the bubbles.


  1. Rest in peace, little fella.

  2. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  3. Farewell, FishFish. There is no FinRot in heaven.

  4. Thanks, everybody for your kind thoughts about FishFish. I'm sure he thanks you, too, with a wave of his now-not-rotten fins.

    And welcome, Kate or Lacey. I'm glad you found the Daily Apple, and I hope you do stop by again.

  5. When I was in grade 3, my class had a beta fish as a class pet. His name was Patrick, but he died of starvation. Grade 3s memories aren't that great, and we forgot to feed him. We buried him in the school yard, but a few of the kids from other classes dug him up. :(

    However, we decided to try again, bought another beta fish, he became Patrick II (the second). However, he also died, from lead poisoning (someone dropped a pencil lead in his tank).

    So, I know what you have been through. R.I.P, FishFish, Patrick, Patrick II, and any other unfortunate beta fish out there.

  6. (Same person as Patrick & Patrick II owner)
    Are you planning to get another fish, like we did?

  7. Poor Patrick and Patrick II!

    I considered getting another betta. I was in a pet store not long ago and stopped to look at their bettas and there was one especially beautiful blue one. But I did not. I kind of miss FishFish, but I don't miss worrying about him and his poor decaying fins.

  8. I like fish because they do nothing and they are cool. :) :) :)

  9. I recently bought my first fish, he is a betta, all blue i love him dearly, he is making a bubble nest lol, but he is sweet as pie. His name is Finny aka fin i will always have a betta from here on. i would pick any other fish to care for.

  10. i meant to say that i wouldn't

  11. Awwww poor FishFish-San ;.; Id cry if my Fishie passed away ): I got mine a few months ago, his name is Blue :3 And hes amazing! && Had FishFish changed color b4 he passed away? Im sorta worried about mine Dx

  12. Yeah, FishFish's colors did get duller over time. But it was a long, slow process. Have you tried changing what you feed your betta? Mine absolutely loved bloodworms.

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  14. Wow, AmeriResi, not a good idea to insult somebody you want help from! And especially when the answers to your questions are contained in this entry as well as in other entries on this topic! Scroll up, re-read the entry, and if you still fail to see your question addressed, then find the label link at the end of the entry called Betta Fish. That will take you to several other entries about how I took care of my fish for several years.

    Best of luck to you as you try to care for your fish.

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  16. Thats a good idea! Imma look for new brands of food for Blue-San. :3 I used to have another kind except my kitty knocked it on the floor Dx

    && Whats ur Problem AmeriResu, like seriously. Dont act all high and mighty, its stupid =| And if u wanna act that way, know that "fishes" is not the right term. Its "Fish". Just like "deer" and not "deers" And Im sure she didnt do that on purpose!


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