Monday, June 27, 2011

Apple #533: Giraffes

I am currently overwhelmed with work so I don't have time to do a lengthy entry tonight. I'm also a bit stressed. So I thought I'd choose a gentle topic.

What could be more gentle than giraffes? They seem very calming. Just thinking about them seems soothing.

I wonder how many of them are strolling around out there.

The Wildlife Conservation Society describes giraffes as "peaceful amblers."
(Photo from Tree of Life)

  • There are nearly 100,00 giraffes in the world.
  • Conservation people put this number in negative terms. "There are less than 100,000 left," they say. But that's more than I thought. 100,000 giraffes seems like a lot to me. More comforting than, say, 250.

See? Look at all these giraffes.
(Photo from WallpaperPimper)

  • They live in particular areas across Africa, and people now think there may be 6 different species of them, which are distinct depending on their home region.
  • In some regions, the populations are declining. In others, they're on the rise.

In general, this is where giraffes live. They like the savannahs.
(Map from Animal Fact Guide)
  • People think that giraffe don't vocalize, but they actually do make sounds.
  • Adult giraffes don't vocalize much at all, though the females might call to the calves, and the males sometimes make a coughing sound when courting.
  • Calves are more vocal. They might mew or bleat. This video shows a young giraffe bleating. It takes a while to get to the giraffe noise. But the giraffe in the background while the guy is getting interviewed kept cracking me up.

Giraffe nuzzling calf
(Photo from

  • Here's a fact that will surprise you: at 8 feet, the giraffe's tail is the longest of any mammal.
  • Yup, you really can't go wrong with giraffes.

Good night, giraffes.
(Photo from Boost Inspiration)

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