Thursday, April 14, 2005

Apple #59: Barry Manilow


I just learned today that Barry Manilow was behind a ton of songs for commercials back in the day. As the composer or the voice of so many songs that filled my childhood years, he is therefore the one forming many of my impressions about the way the world works. Asking yourself why the world is the way it is today? Maybe the answer is Barry Manilow.

Oh, by the way, his real name is Barry Allen Pincus.
  • Like a Good Neighbor (State Farm Insurance)
  • Stuck on Me (Band-Aid brand)
  • Bathroom Bowl Blues (Green Bowlene)
  • Stridex (Stridex acne fighting products)
  • Dodge (Dodge vehicles)
  • You Deserve a Break Today (McDonald's -- sung, but not composed)
  • The Most Original Soft Drink Ever (Dr. Pepper -- sung, composed by Randy Newman)

Also, he didn't actually write "I Write the Songs." That was actually written by Bruce Johnston, who later became one of the Beach Boys. The first person to record "I Write the Songs" was teen idol David Cassidy.

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