Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tax Reminder

Here's a friendly reminder, from someone who for no good reason has put off filing her taxes until almost the last day:

  • Your income tax return is due to the Department of Revenue on April 15.
  • What that actually means is, if you're mailing it, the stamp must be postmarked April 15. If it's going to take you until the absolute last possible minute, check with your local Post Office to find out their cut-off time to still get the postmark.
  • Even if you're e-filing, by this date, some electronic preparers won't guarantee that they'll get your form submitted in time, and they recommend that you file for an extension. I opted not to go through that hassle. I completed the IRS' PDF version of the 1040, printed it out, and I'm putting it in the mail tomorrow morning.

It's that time again...
(Image from 2anyone)

  • Besides the oh-so-delightful personality of the IRS, here's another reason to file your taxes on time: you know that random "economic stimulus package," a.k.a. the $300-$600 that the government is giving you for no apparent reason except maybe to stop people's grumbling and get them to buy stuff? If you don't file your taxes on time (and if you earned less than $3,000 in 2007), you won't get that $600.

IRS main page, which includes links to forms and information about filing electronically at no cost to you through one of the IRS-sanctioned providers
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Indiana Department of Revenue, Student Taxes: Simplified
TurboTax, Important Tax Dates
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  1. I recommend this link to retrieve your IRS forms....although if you don't know which form you need by it's official name/number, you're kinda' screwed. :),,id=97817,00.html

    I enjoyed this entry! Federal Income Taxation is the only part of my accounting education that I actually enjoyed.


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