Sunday, February 22, 2009

Apple #371: Beans -- lima beans

This is the third entry in a series about Beans.


Lima beans in the shell.
(Photo from Food Subs)

Lima beans being rinsed.
(Photo from Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center)

Categorized as:
  • Fruit
  • One of FAO's pulses
  • Species name is Phaseolus lunatus, or the sieva bean. It turns out, "sieva bean" is yet another name for Lima beans. It's not one I have ever heard for Lima beans, but I guess that's what the scientists call their Lima beans.

General facts:

  • I discussed lima beans briefly in a previous entry about Peru. Because Lima beans really are named after Lima (lee-mah), Peru.
  • Lima beans were probably first grown in Brazil or perhaps Guatemala, but Europeans first ate them when they were in Lima. So they called them Lima beans.
  • Sometimes they're called butter beans because of their soft, buttery texture. They are also occasionally called chad beans.
  • Most Lima beans are green or cream colored, but some less common varieties are red, purple, brown, or black.
  • Baby Lima beans are grown in Peru. Fordhook Lima beans, another popular variety, are grown in the US. I prefer the baby Limas because they're usually more tender, and don't toughen when you cook them, which can sometimes happen with the bigger Fordhooks.
  • Lima bean plants do well in humid and tropical climates, so they have become an important crop in African and Asian countries.
  • Lima beans contain a compound which is used to make cyanide. But eating cooked Lima beans won't poison you. Most varieties grown in the US have very low levels of the compound, and commercially-sold Lima beans have all been rinsed first, so they contain even less.
  • It's hard to find fresh Lima beans, but canned (not so great) and frozen (better) Lima beans are widely available.
  • Succotash is Lima beans and corn and sometimes stewed tomatoes. I used to think it had to be more complicated than that for such a fancy word, but that's all it is.
  • Lots of Lima bean recipes are listed here at lovetoknow.

Next bean on the menu: chickpeas.

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  1. Limas are my favorite bean. Thanks for the info.


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