Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm going on a trip. I'll be back in about a week & a half. In the meantime, here are some songs for your entertainment. They might also have something to do with where I'm going. I selected some of the less obvious choices in the hopes of finding something you might not already know about.

You could watch one every few days or so to tide you over until I return. You could post a comment and tell me what your favorite California song is. You could peruse a past entry of mine about vacations.

Or you could use the time while I'm away to tell me what ideas for Daily Apples you encounter. If something strikes your curiosity button, post a comment to this entry with your question, and I'll do an entry about it when I get back.

Gipsy Kings - Hotel California, 1990

Marlena Shaw - California Soul, 1969

(Sorry about the Garfield. It goes away eventually.)

Kings of Leon - California Waiting, 2006

Joni Mitchell - California, 1970

Wolf Parade - California Dreamer, 2008

Hey Ocean - A Song About California, 2008

However you choose to spend your time while I'm away, you can be sure that, for my part, I'll be compiling items that make me curious and that I'll want to investigate for you. So stay tuned to see what your fellow Daily Apple readers and I want to learn about!


  1. I had the worst ice cream headache of my life a few minutes ago, and it struck my curiosity button. But then I did a quick check and found that you'd covered that topic in 2006. Thanks for anticipating my curiosity.


  2. Jim, thank YOU for thinking I might have covered that topic and finding the entry! You get the Number One Daily Apple Reader Prize for the month!


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