Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coming soon: Ice cubes

I'm working on an entry for you about ice cubes.  Surprisingly, there is a lot to learn about the subject.  So I'm not finished with it yet.

In the meantime, here are some ice cube trays.  What do you think of ice cubes shaped like Pi?

(available for $8.99 from ThinkGeek)

Or how about the Titanic sinking in your drink?

(Gin and Titonic ice cube tray from Gadgets.co.uk for £5.95)

(for more ice cube shapes & trays, click the Read More link)

Then the sharks come circling....

(Available for $9.13 from Amazon.com)

Or maybe some guitar ice cubes?

(Also available from Amazon.com, for $7.40)

Perhaps these will melt your heart, har har.

(From find-me-a-gift.co.uk, on sale for $6.18)

Or ooh, the alphabet.  I do so love the alphabet.

(Another Amazon item, a bit pricey at $15.86.  Maybe that's because it's coming from the UK.)

This one is nerdier than it may seem.  You'd be making ice cubes in the shape of Mickey Mouse when the water molecules are themselves Mickey Mouse-shaped!  OK, maybe I'm the one supplying the nerdiness here.

(From Magic Mountain.net for $12.75)

Here's another meta- one.  Ice in the shape of shot glasses, in your glass.

($11.29 from Amazon)

Skull & crossbones

(Available lots of places, including Amazon, selling them for $6.75)

These Lego bricks would probably be a big hit with the kids.

(Egad, why are they $34.95?  Maybe they don't make these anymore. They don't come up on the Lego site, only through Amazon.)

Maybe the Lego men would fit your budget better.

(From the Lego store for $7.99)

Still more for you game & toy lovers: Pac-Man ice cubes

(£4.99 from Letsbuyit.co.uk)

Can't have Pac-Man without Space Invaders

($9.10 from IWOOT)

With all that ice, be careful not to get a brain freeze.

($8.00 on Amazon)

There are a lot of pictures of more cool ones (pardon the pun), but when I chased them down to the site selling them, they're out of stock. That includes the dolphins and the penguins, the strawberries and the ducks and the seals, the tropical fruits, the Tetris/ice puzzle ones, and perhaps best of all, the R2D2 ice bucket with companion frozen Han Solo ice cube trays.

Yes, sorry my friends, these are all gone.


  1. I love ice cube trays. I've used the shot glass ones and they're fun. One time I went to a baby shower and there were little plastic babies frozen in ice cubes.

  2. Thank you for your hiccup cure post from a couple years back, I found it through a google search, after having hiccups for 1.5 hours. I was skeptical, but it did work! (Your trick with the glass of water with the spoon in it touching between your eyes)

  3. Hey, you're welcome! That trick has never failed me yet. Thanks for letting me know!


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